Broadrooms was created to broaden and enrich the conversations in the boardroom. Scroll the carousel for insights from some great women directors.


"I created a highly unusual program at Frontier that matches each of my top lieutenants with a board member for at least two years of informal coaching."

Maggie Wilderotter, Chairman, Frontier Communications

Director. HP Enterprise, Costco, Dreamworks, Juno Therapeutics, Chobani, Cakebread Cellars,


"My best advice: Build your skills and then tell everyone you know that you'd like to be on a board."

Shellye Archambeau, CEO, MetricStream

Director, Verizon, Nordstroms


"My advice for anyone wanting to join a board is to start small – join a non-profit board, then a start-up, working up to sitting on a board in a company that is more complex, perhaps global or publicly traded."

Jenny Ming, CEO, Charlotte Russe

Director, Levi Strauss


"Sitting on private and public boards can be an incredibly broadening experience. Before networking for boards, do an honest self-assessment to understand what experience and talent you bring to any board you join."

Dawn Lepore, Former Chairman and CEO,

Director, AOL,,


"Listen more than you talk".

Clara Shih, CEO, Hearsay Social

Director, Starbucks


"A successful board placement most often results from an informed and well-executed search plan with lots of intentional 'and, and, ands' rather than an occasional 'this or that' action."

Jan Babiak

Director, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Bank of Montreal


"Thank you to all of my mentors for helping me navigate the journey to get here. Now it is time for me to give back and help others navigate their journey."

Randi Feigin, Chief Commercial and Investment Officer, Arx Pax

Director, Extreme Networks


"Demonstrate your ability to add value and to collaborate. Focus on fit."

Katherine DeWilde, Vice Chair, First Republic Bank

Director, First Republic Bank, Trinet, Sunrun, Equilar, Eventbrite


Welcome to Broadrooms! I created this site for executive women in the US who have a passion for serving on boards, and for women directors who already do serve, but don’t have the time to search endlessly for the information they need and want. It’s called Broadrooms for several reasons…it’s obviously a play on words; broaden means to improve and enrich; and for anyone who may take issue with the title, I ask that you reserve judgment, double-click on the site and find the value within. If you’re interested, read our story and meet our amazing team of advisors.

If you are just beginning your research, here’s my favorite primer on board service, 20 Questions on Board Service authored by 2020 Women on Boards. Also scroll down to Popular Topics for other great information.

And because you asked, we just added a new section on Interesting Statistics regarding board work and compositions from a variety of great sources.

And if you’d like to see the latest in board appointments, check here, courtesy of our great supporter, James Drury Partners.

Below is a list of board-ready candidate databases. Heighten your visibility to these organizations and the boards who use these databases, by entering in your profiles. If you know of any databases we should add, or any other resources that would help our community of women, please let us know.

Thanks for joining us.
Gerri Elliott, Founder,
Director, Whirlpool, Bed Bath & Beyond, Imperva, Charlotte Russe and Puppet Labs

Catalyst Corporate Board Resource

Participating member CEOs have the opportunity to sponsor board-ready women for corporate director positions, access a premier directory of CEO-recommended women board candidates, and share board opportunities with other Catalyst member companies.

Diverse Director Datasource (3D)

A clearinghouse for potential corporate director candidates with a special emphasis on a more diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience.


An online community for board members, prospective board members and corporations to connect with one another and share the latest information in boardroom news, education, best practices and recruitment opportunities.

Global Board Ready Women List

Forté is creating the most comprehensive list of board-ready women with the goal of bringing attention to the lack of women on corporate boards.

Stanford Women on Boards Registry

A database used as a referral resource for those conducting corporate director searches with the goal of promoting the candidacy of Stanford women.

Kellogg Center for Executive Women’s Director Candidate Database

The Center maintains a database of potential board candidates, and all participants in the Women’s Director Development Program are invited to submit their résumés for inclusion.

The Boston Club’s Corporate Board Program

Identifies and recommends qualified women to fill public and private corporate board openings.


A knowledgebase of senior executives who serve or would like to serve on boards, as well as organizations that want to be part of the discussion.  The network offers visibility and access to new opportunities and the chance to engage with others.


An online recruiting service dedicated to discovering and matching the best people for your board.

Women Business Leaders

A national non-profit organization bringing together a peer group of senior executive women from all parts of the health care industry.