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Loosey-Goosey Governance (PDF)

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From the Bike to the Boardroom: Leaderships Lessons From My Peloton

Sometimes the biggest lessons in life come from the most unexpected places. Maybe it’s something you read or overheard at a coffee shop. Maybe it’s a podcast or a random conversation you have with an Uber driver. Maybe it’s something …

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Diverse boards are better. So how do you build one?

Companies with women on their boards outperform companies with all-male boards.  Image: Rawpixel/Unsplash   Diversity among board members – in terms of gender, race, age, and disability status, among other factors – is of increasing importance to boards and to …

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How to Build a ‘Board Bio’

For those seeking a director role, a carefully crafted biography focused on potential contributions can be an important tool for success. Board service can be an enriching career move for any seasoned executive, but the widespread underrepresentation of women and …

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Gearing Up for the Future of Work in Disruptive Times

Culture and talent gaining importance on the board agenda Almost every company today, regardless of sector or business model, is grappling with transformation and dealing with change at an unprecedented scale and pace. It is in this context that culture …

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A Call to Board Directors: Bring Your “Whole Self,”​ and Be Courageous

Adam Bryant: Managing Director at Merryck & Co. For the next installment of our interview series called “The New Director’s Chair,” my colleague David Reimer, the CEO of Merryck & Co. Americas, and I sat down with Shellye Archambeau, the …

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Director Skill Sets

Posted by Renée B. Adams (University of Oxford), Ali C. Akyol (University of Melbourne), and Patrick Verwijmeren (Erasmus University & University of Melbourne) Editor’s Note: Renée B. Adams is Professor of Finance at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School; Ali C. Akyol is Senior Lecturer at …

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Q&A: Diversity in the boardroom and C-suite

  FW moderates a discussion on diversity in the boardroom and C-suite between Janice Reals Ellig at Ellig Group, Steven Cox at Fujitsu, Rohini Anand at Sodexo, and Carl Clarke at Vodafone Group. FW: Could you provide an overview of …

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Gender Parity on Corporate Boards: Take a Lesson From the Ivy League

Gender Parity on Corporate Boards: Take a Lesson From the Ivy League # 2 In Trewstar’s Series: Let’s Change the Conversation After the conversation had percolated for decades – bolstered by studies and commissions, but little progress – it was …

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Reimagining the Diversity of Leadership Through the #MeToo movement

Last year was one to remember for America. We inaugurated a new President, experienced a total solar eclipse, withdrew from the Paris Agreement and witnessed the rise of several significant social movements. One that particularly grabbed everyone’s interest was the …

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