Improve your visibility to boards, recruiters and stakeholders by profiling yourself in these databases

Showcasing one of our Broadrooms’ Speakers
Shellye Archambeau
Chief Executive Officer, MericStream
Director, Verizon, Nordstroms

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An online community for board members, prospective board members and corporations to connect with one another and share the latest information in boardroom news, education, best practices and recruitment opportunities.


A knowledgebase of senior executives who serve or would like to serve on boards, as well as organizations that want to be part of the discussion.  The network offers visibility and access to new opportunities and the chance to engage with others.

Catalyst Corporate Board Resource

Participating member CEOs have the opportunity to sponsor board-ready women for corporate director positions, access a premier directory of CEO-recommended women board candidates, and share board opportunities with other Catalyst member companies.

Diverse Director Datasource (3D)

A clearinghouse for potential corporate director candidates with a special emphasis on a more diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience.

European Women on Boards (EWoB)

A European-wide non-profit organisation whose vision is to create a unique network of first tier associations from all over Europe that work towards the same purpose: a balanced representation of women on boards of directors. EWoB aims to promote the benefits of gender diversity, a recognised enabler in business. The EWoB network seeks to convince the business world of the positive impact of women’s presence on company boards and economic opportunity that an equal gender balance on company boards offers.

Kellogg Center for Executive Women’s Director Candidate Database

The Center maintains a database of potential board candidates, and all participants in the Women’s Director Development Program are invited to submit their résumés for inclusion.


An online recruiting service dedicated to discovering and matching the best people for your board.

Stanford Women on Boards Registry

A database used as a referral resource for those conducting corporate director searches with the goal of promoting the candidacy of Stanford women.

The Boston Club’s Corporate Board Program

Identifies and recommends qualified women to fill public and private corporate board openings.


A database and the first resource of it’s kind, helping growth stage tech companies discover highly endorsed women board candidates.

UNC School of Law Director Diversity

A database where diverse directors and potential diverse directors may register. Once the requested information is provided for inclusion in the database, you will be included in the database which may be searched at the request of firms that are looking for directors.

Women Business Leaders

A national non-profit organization bringing together a peer group of senior executive women from all parts of the health care industry.

Women’s Forum of New York Corporate Board Initiative

Today there is an abundant supply of qualified women in corporations who are ready for boards but are not connecting to opportunities. The Women’s Forum asks CEOs to help qualified women make that connection by sponsoring them in our database which can be accessed free of charge to Board nominating committees and search firms.