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5 Questions To Ask Before Joining a Board

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash Congratulations, you’ve been asked to join a board of directors. Regardless of how you found the opportunity (from your network, a search firm, or via theBoardlist), you’ve now got a decision to make thoughtfully and carefully. During your …

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The role of the board

Here’s a question you won’t hear in the great Canadian board debate: why on earth does anyone want to be a director? The hours are taxing, the material often dreary, and the comp, at least among growth firms, questionable. Not …

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5 Social Media Tactics To Help Boost Your Career

The gender gap is a global challenge on the minds of today’s business leaders. To achieve gender equality, companies set hiring targets, put in place women-friendly policies, and develop leadership programs for high-potential female associates. One key tactic that doesn’t …

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Energy and Consumer Goods Sectors Lag in Board Diversity Disclosures

As diversity on public company boards becomes an increasingly hot-button issue, more than 40% of the largest U.S. companies by revenue are disclosing their board’s composition in terms of gender, race or ethnicity, according to a new report from Equilar, Board …

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Diversity in Tech: Why can’t the innovators solve this dilemma?

A few months ago, I spoke about culture and microbehaviors at a tech company’s conference in San Francisco. To illustrate what “microbehaviors” are and how they can cause a feeling of exclusion, I described the difficulty I often have as …

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Did the CEO Actually Get Fired? There’s a Decoder for That

Companies that undertake major leadership changes tend to engage in one of the more cryptic rituals of expression known to humankind. They issue a CEO-departure press release. In often clichéd and convoluted language, they say executives decided to leave to …

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Women Dominate This Season’s Game Of Thrones But Not So Much In The Board Room

Season seven of Game of Thrones marks the year of the all -powerful woman! Men take a back seat as Cersei, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms and Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, battle it out to determine who will control Westeros, …

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Annual meetings: Prep for disruption

Protesters can cause havoc at an AGM, and corporate secretaries are on the front line in making sure boards cope and corporate reputations remain intact As the polarized political environment seeps into the investment world, former corporate secretaries and governance …

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Why Men Still Dominate Corporate Boardrooms

The MPW Insiders Network is an online community where the biggest names in business and beyond answer timely career and leadership questions. Today’s answer for, “How do you deal with favoritism at the office?” is written by Coco Brown, founder …

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How to Engage Investors for Long-Term Value Creation (PDF)

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