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Part Three: Presence and the Power of Non-Verbal Communication

It may seem odd for an executive voice coach to focus significant attention on the silent elements of communication, but trust me, it’s vital! Presence—that is, non-verbal communication—is what people feel from you before you open your mouth to speak. …

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Part Two: Stop Giving Up Your Power When You Speak

How we show up vocally leads people to definite and immediate conclusions about how we show up in the world. Simply put, there is a strong relationship between vocal acoustics and the psychology of perception: who we are as individuals, …

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Part One: Is Your Voice As Powerful As You Are?

What we value, our ideas, and what we bring to the table all are conveyed through the vehicle of voice. Yet comparatively few women—even highly successful women—know how to use the power of voice effectively. Having a seat at the …

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