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From the Bike to the Boardroom: Leaderships Lessons From My Peloton

Sometimes the biggest lessons in life come from the most unexpected places. Maybe it’s something you read or overheard at a coffee shop. Maybe it’s a podcast or a random conversation you have with an Uber driver. Maybe it’s something …

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Board Interview Questions

Ask Incumbent Directors: Describe the changes, trends, and challenges in your industry. Who do you consider to be your major competitors, now and in the future? What are your advantages/disadvantages? What values guide the company? Who are your customers? Describe …

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8 Practical Steps to Landing a Seat on a Board of Directors

I’ve wanted to serve on a public board for many years, but the timing was never right. Finally, as I planned to rewire (not retire!), my time for board service had come. I thought that after a long career in …

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Women on boards: Are some cities better than others?

In the battle to bring more women into the boardroom, some cities are doing better than others. In 2014, women held 17.9% of director positions at the 50 largest public companies in the Chicago area, according to a new analysis …

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