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3 Compelling Quotes that Sum Up this Week’s Board Governance News

There’s been some interesting chatter this week in board governance. As the proxy season comes to a close, voting data has revealed some interesting trends in shareholder proposals. In addition, we’re seeing a media focus on age diversity in the …

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3 Aspects of M&A Integration That Are All-Too-Often Overlooked

More often than not, mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver on their intended value—a testament to the complexity of M&A activity. However, despite the risks, mergers and acquisitions can also present a host of opportunities for pivoting strategies, growing customer …

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4 Mistakes Boards Are Making When Overseeing Cyber Risk

Last week, we launched Next Gen Board Leaders, a joint initiative with Spencer Stuart and Nasdaq designed to highlight the value that a younger generation can bring to emerging areas of board oversight. One such emerging area is cyber risk, which has been elevated in the …

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5 Elements of a Successful Board Evaluation

5 Elements of a Successful Board Evaluation This is Part 3 in our blog series on Board Evaluations. In the previous post, we discussed the barriers that boards often face when conducting board evaluations. Self assessment can be an uncomfortable …

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What Are the Barriers to Effective Board Evaluations Today?

What Are the Barriers to Effective Board Evaluations Today? This is Part 2 in our blog series on Board Evaluations. In the intro of this blog series, we discussed the importance of the evaluation process in today’s boardrooms. Yet, we …

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Back to Basics: Why the Board Evaluation is a Critical Building Block

This is Part 1 in our blog series on Board Evaluations. You’ve just boarded a routine plane flight from New York to San Francisco. The airline staff and boarding process appear to be operating as usual, so you settle into …

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CAQ Survey Insights: Investor Confidence in Board Members Still Lags

The CAQ’s annual survey gauges investor confidence in U.S. markets. What insights can we draw for corporate directors? Last week, the Center for Audit Qualityreleased the report associated with its10th Annual Main Street Investors Survey. Over the last decade, the …

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Women in the Boardroom: Why Hasn’t the U.S. Made More Progress?

Why hasn’t more progress been made? We cover themes and insights presented at the SAIS Global Conference for Women in the Boardroom. “The U.S. has more qualified female board members than any other country bar none. Yet, we still lag …

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