2014 Interesting Statistics

Men vs. Women

8 percent of Fortune 500 boards have no women, 28 percent have one woman, and 64 percent have two or more women – CED

Slow Growth

The average annual rate of increase in women directors has been approximately 0.4%, or roughly 22 additional seats per year. On this basis, the 16.9% in 2013 would climb to 30 percent of fortune 500 directors in 33 years (by 2046) – CED

Board Composition & Member Profiles

Board members attend an average of 8 meetings per year – Spencer Stuart

The median turnover rate for board members of prominent U.S. firms is seven percent per year, and the average number of board seats is 10.8 – CED

Boards Need Diversity

When asked about the specific profiles needed in the boardroom, women and minority directors emerged as the top recruiting priorities, with 71% of respondents saying their board is looking for female directors and 64% saying their board is seeking minority directors – Spencer Stuart