2012 Interesting Statistics

International Boardroom Statistics

Many EU countries have set target quotas for the number of women on public or government boards. While some are on target to meet these goals, many countries will likely fall short.

  • Austria (35% by 2018) and Finland (40%) have set targets only for government-owned company boards – Votre
  • Belgium requires 30% minimum of either sex on each board of both government-owned and public companies – Votre
  • In France, 40% of board positions must be made up of women by 2017 – Votre
  • In Germany, a bill will be introduced in 2016 to require the largest companies to have 30% female representation on their boards – Telegraph
  • In Italy, public limited companies and state-owned companies must have at least 33% of each gender on their boards (executives and non-executives) by 2015 – EC
  • In the Netherlands, 30% of supervisor and management board seats must be held by women by 2016 – Votre
  • In Norway, the quota is 40% women on boards of listed and non-listed public limited companies, inter-municipal companies, state companies, municipal companies and co-operative companies – Votre
  • In Spain, the quota is 40% minimum of either sex by 2015 – Votre
  • In the UK, the government has set a target quota of 25% – Votre